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It’s not as difficult as it seems. Let us do the heavy lifting. See below some pointers that will help you out.

How do I buy a Good Brother Kitchen?

We have developed our brand with the full intention to do a “Gooder” job than everyone else! We only employ the highest level professional to ensure you get a top-class service and feel at ease knowing your in Good hands when buying this very important purchase. We can provide you with anything your imagination can dream of. We deal with all top rated suppliers to provide you with everything your kitchen project could need.

How long does it take to get my kitchen?

Typically we will have your kitchen at your door within 3 weeks. We aim to provide a service that cannot be matched and we put ourselves out to make sure you get your kitchen in a timely manner. If it’s a refurb or a new build you can rely on us to deliver your new kitchen in order and on time.

A woman day dreaming about when how long she can expect a new kitchen from the Kitchen Stori range to take

Who Puts in my new kitchen

Good Brothers handles all of this. Right from the start to the end and beyond with our follow-up policy. We have the very best fitters employed to fit your kitchen. This will all be part of the price and service we offer all for your convenience.

Kitchen fitter fitting a brand new kitchen in a home

How much will your kitchen cost?

We know how this works, everyone wants the best for as little as possible. Believe us or not we actually want the same for you. We offer kitchens ranging from €2,000 up to much bigger numbers. A lot depends on the size of your kitchen and the products that you choose. We will guarantee that we will be hard to beat on price irrelevant of the scale of your project.

The variants depends on the types of door, carcase, appliances, worktops etc you choose. We would love to price up your dream kitchen and best advise you based on your budget. Call into our showroom for some more relevant information specifically for you.

Why We’re Gooder

Not only do we provide all the things that other companies think makes them special we do something which, we think, is really special.

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Our Kitchen

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We only employ the best. Get the best advice for your new dream kitchen for one of our great team who would be glad to help and answer any questions you might have.

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