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I mean this is serious. Let me explain.

Let’s say you’re living in a house and it could do with a bit of a refresh, whether it’s a new floor or bathroom suit or carpet etc, you get the picture. Why not consider these 3 things!

We spent time doing research and interviewing a number of estate agents about what tricks we could do to make our house more appealing to buyers (if we decided to sell) or to simply just increase the value of our home. The feedback was very clear, if you want to increase the value of your home, there are 3 things which should be the priority as these are the first things the estate agent will look for…

Clean your house

As obvious as this might sound, this is actually one of the biggest ways of tacking a few thousand onto the value of your home. A visit from an Industrial cleaning service, which generally costs under €1000 can yield an increase in your house price of up to €5000, based purely off the perception of a neat, well-maintained house. A pleasantly maintained bathroom and kitchen in particular can only help your case.

Increase your kerb appeal

Kerb appeal is basically what the buyer or assessor sees upon pulling up to your house that makes them assign a subjective value to it. Don’t forget that inasmuch as real estate likes to portray itself as an exact science, It is actually anything but that. Something as simple as planting a tree in your backyard or having a well-maintained front lawn can add thousands of Euros to the list price of your house, as these can be advertised as features of the house. Every estate agent wants to advertise a house that has a “recent paint job and is surrounded by greenery”. More importantly, that’s what buyers want to see as well.

Upgrade your bathroom

Spend a couple of thousand quid on a new bathroom, and you could potentially be adding up to €10,000 on the value of your house. It’s not hard to see why. The impression that buyers and agents have about a house Is heavily Influenced by the bathroom because that is often taken to be the canary in the coalmine. If the bathroom looks mouldy and poorly maintained, chances are that’s what they’ll think of the entire house. If however, they walk into a gleaming room sparkling with fancy porcelain and smelling of lavender that instantly ratchets up its desirability and price.

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