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Cooking Can Be A Great Way To Relax The Mind

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Cooking can truly be a great activity for relaxation. The basic concept goes, when you do a mundane task the front of your brain concentrates on the task, and the back of our brain opens up to get lost in thought, just how a long drive calms your mind and gives you space to think.

Whether your preparing your family’s favorite meal or you are going for a healthy diet meal, cooking is always something you can look forward to

Block out a time

Cooking can help to relieve stress, improve creativity and build stronger relationships. Make cooking a priority, to successfully relax, make sure you set aside blocks of time that are specifically intended for cooking.

Doing this will let you focus all your time and energy on the task at hand and enhance the cooking process. The best part is, all this can be done with a family member a friend or someone special, cooking is great for relationship building and spending quality time with someone. It helps build communication, connection and cooperation.

Clear your mind

Do not dwell on your problems while your cooking food, if you do you will never be able to enjoy it. Whilst entering the kitchen, ensure you leave all your worries and troubles behind.

Cooking is enjoyable when you enjoy the moment and you need to be completely focused at the task in hand, be it slicing those peppers or rolling a dough. Some people find the act of slicing vey relaxing whereas other find the grilling and on the stove action very relaxing. Try to find what you enjoy doing in the kitchen and your mood will improve in no time.

To enjoy cooking to the fullest extent, you need to have the appropriate kitchen.

A good kitchen makes a big difference. A kitchen that is contemporary designed and has a clean-cut look will help create a stimulating environment and help enhance your mood just like a piece of art does. You can feel the difference when your cooking in an unplanned kitchen and a kitchen designed for efficiency.

Don't be afraid to be creative

Creativity helps reduce stress and there is no better space to be creative on a daily basis than in your kitchen. Its good to look for new recipes, but you don’t have to strictly follow them.

Over time your taste buds will guide you to the sweet spot. Get creative with your flavors and textures. When you are fully immersed and creative in your meal, cooking will truly turn into a passion

The Infamous “Kitchen Work Triangle” is this theory outdated?

By | Style Guide

In Short, the answer is YES!

Somewhere back in the mid 20th century (1940’s) there was a theory developed by the University of Illinois School of Architecture and it was called The Kitchen Work Triangle

The goal for this was to create the best possible work area in regards to layout for a room that was used to prepare and cook meals in our everyday homes.

Important Kitchen Areas

The main important areas in most kitchens are as follows, the refrigeration/storage area, the prep area, the cooking area followed by the cleaning area. If they are not placed relatively close to each other and laid out in the correct order you may spend more time walking that cooking 🙂 Not true, but you get the point we are trying to make here.

It makes sense to have these areas in order of meal preparation. Food comes out of the fridge/storage and is placed at the prep area where we prepare for the cooking, once our food is prepped we begin cooking, following this, the tableware that was being used for the prep now needs to be washed and put away as it is no longer needed.

The layout of your kitchen should reflect this process in order to make things easier and more convenient in the kitchen.

Now in the 21st century (2019) kitchens have become more modernized in a sense that we have more tools and appliances, our kitchens have now become a lot bigger because it is no longer just a place to cook, which means the layout of our kitchens have now changed! This new method of layout is now called kitchen zoning or kitchen zones

What are Kitchen Zones?

Zones are separate areas of the kitchen within the layout, each intended for different tasks and activities, ie – preparing, cooking and cleaning up. Depending on how much space you have to work with and personal preferences you might like to set up further zones to accommodate how you like to use your kitchen, but in a general sense, if you follow the kitchen zoning method it will make the layout of your kitchen a lot more accessible when having to prepare meals. See the image on the left to illustrate!

Kitchens have developed into a room where family and friends gather round and help out while the food is being prepared and cooked. We share stories with each other and spend quality time with each other after a long day at work.

The kitchen is now an enjoyable place to spend time in 🙂

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Easy DIY Tasks To Increase The Value Of Your Home

By | Style Guide

Home improvements don’t always have to be expensive. Simple and effective methods can go a long way to improve the features of your house and at the same time no be very heavy on the pocket. We will be sharing some cheap weekend projects that can improve the value of your house.

During deciding what you want to pursue , there are a lot of factors that you have to be chose , mainly being time and money. You definitely don’t want to spend all of your savings in revamping the house, and worse still you don’t want to start a project and realise it take a fortune to complete!

Start on the Outside

It’s a great idea to start DIYing on the outside of your house, before you look at the interiors. There is nothing like a great kerb appeal. The first thing a visitor sees is the exterior and sense how well you home is maintained. If the outside isn’t appealing potential buyers will not even consider coming inside to even bother to book a viewing.

Don’t miss the flooring

Flooring plays a huge impact on the feel of the house. Real wood is in vogue now and gives a clean minimalistic look. Remove the carpet and lay some wood. Wooden flooring works well to give a traditional style. If you want to go for a rustic look ,Terracotta tiles are the way to go.

Be careful what you display

What you display makes a huge difference, and speaks a lot about your personality. Use rustic flowerpots , sea shells and small inexpensive objects to add to the personality of your house. It does not have to be anything very fancy , just something that has character to it.

4 Ways To Make Your Home An Oasis Of Calm

By | Inspirations

Wish you could transport yourself to a serene oasis, far from the hustle and bustle of daily life? We cant send you to a Private island in the Caribbean,  but what we can do is give you ideas to make your home peaceful retreat, that transports your mind to a state of  calmness.

Carve Out Some Breathing Space

Whether you take the space to exercise, do your morning yoga or just sit and take a few deep breaths, having a space where you can escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life is worth it. And you don’t need an entire room for it, get creative.

Take out a corner in the living room, behind a sunny window or in the guest bedroom. You don’t need much stuff, in fact it’s the absence of stuff that will make your corner more comfortable and relaxing.

Hide Your Tech

We can’t live without our tech, but Nobody wants to stare at your tangle of cords. Thankfully, we have more options than ever for keeping our tech devices hidden away. Tie up cords in a media center so they are not visible, and dedicate a single drawer to storing all of your chargers, power cords and small tech devices when they’re not in use.

Get the Right Light

Natural light is has a certain charm to it and is always preferable to artificial light. During daylight hours keep your windows open, and if you have a view you don’t particularly like get a sheer curtain to still light in.

As it becomes evening opt for lights with a soft glow such as string lights or lanterns. This is highly recommended in the night when a soft light makes a lot of difference.

Use Plenty of closed storage

Clean empty uncluttered spaces always leave you feeling lighter in the heart and makes you feel calmer. Use closed cupboards, drawers and to hide all your belongings and be careful with what you chose to display. And if the cupboard is inbuilt in your room to match your walls, that’s even better. Display only small personality revealing objects such as an Elegant bud vase, or a row of seashells on the counter.

RTF Cabinetry: All that you need to know!

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The contemporary kitchens are being designed in such a way that they remain attractive and durable at the same time. Now that is a complicated combination but it is not impossible with the RTF finish. Let us give you all the necessary details concerning RTF fabrication that will help you achieve an attractive and durable cabinetry.

First and foremost, RTF stands for rigid thermofoil.

As evident from its name, it is a strong laminate which is formed using the warp-resistant medium density fiberboard (MDF). It means that using the RTF lamination will help you in getting the perfect finish of your cabinetry needs. At the same time, it will be a lot easier for you to gain the touch of a wood look.

There are many people who get confused with the usage of RTF or wood.

However, with the points noted above, it is expected that the confusion can easily be overcome. A kitchen remains the focus area of your lifestyle.

Hence, it is important that its construction is well-thought from the point of durability. In that regard, RTF has proven to be an effective lamination which keeps your kitchen design attractive at the same time.

Cabinetry is used for the storage of all the kitchen equipment and thus, it is evident that it is used a lot.

You might open and shut it a million times while you prepare your daily meals. Thus, going for a RTF finish will help you gain a durable cabinetry.

Let us educate you more about the lamination options along with the sleek design to match your demand for the contemporary kitchen design by contacting us at

Remodeling Kitchen has never been so easier!!

By | Inspirations

Gone are the days when we had to think so much about remodeling our kitchens. The present is here to help you remodel with convenience. One needs to know the possibilities of remodeling a kitchen without much of a hassle and all that mess. We are going to do that for you in this article. Please, continue reading

Step 1
Designing is the Key

There are great many services for interior designing available. However, the first step is to understand your expectations.

If you are not able to understand your needs and expectations from the remodeling of the kitchen then you will not be able to communicate it to the design consultant.

Thus, try scribbling on your own and think of the ways in which you will like to design your kitchen if you had to design it on your own.

Step 2
Measurements are Foundational

Usually, the step is undertaken by the company you have hired for the remodeling.

However, you should always keep a check on the measurements. If the measurements are taken in an effective manner then you don’t have to go through the hassle

Step 3
Creation is the Actual Work

The cutout of your countertops or backsplash is done using the measurements. Once it has been done in an effective manner then the actual work begins.

The colour or fabrication of the chosen product will take time and you can always cross check by visiting or getting an update from your consultant.

If you are able to talk to them then you don’t have to go through the mess of making adjustments later on.

Step 4
Installation is Completion

The installation day is the most important in the process of remodeling your kitchen. With the steps, mentioned above, undertaken rightly, you don’t have to be worried.

Just sit back and relax as the installation team will actually make your dream come true.

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Tiny Details about Kitchen Islands Will Help You Go a Long Way

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Kitchen Island

We all know that one of the best things we can do is to make our kitchens functional.

In that case, kitchen islands have proven to help one carry all the steps from storage, prep to washing the dishes. The design of a kitchen island is supposed to be finalized after thinking about the exact functions it should fulfil. Here are two of the basic ideas to help you plan your ideal kitchen design

Rule # 1
I want to map the dimensions well

You need to understand the basic rule of Kitchen Island i.e. keeping it at least 42 to 48 inches of space to be left for mobility.

We often forget the biggest aspect about Kitchen Island that it should not be too big. Sometimes, clients have a bigger kitchen and hence, they like to think about getting a kitchen island incorporated in the design.

We always suggest our clients that the kitchen island should not be too big.

It is more likely to impact the overall appeal of the kitchen making it look cramped.

Rule # 2
Did you just forget about the electricity?

The step where you have to prep before actual cooking is where the use of blenders and other food processing instruments comes to play. Kitchen island is where you need to undertake the step of prep and hence, you need proper outlets for your blenders.

It is suggested that a two-tier island is built because it will have plenty of options for the outlets to be incorporated within the designs.

Kitchen Island

To know more, please don’t hesitate to contact us as we can give you an effective consultation as you wish to plan your kitchen. Contact us at

Effortless Ways to Make your Home Look Cozy

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Don’t we all like the idea of wrapping ourselves with a cup of coffee?

Try different throws on your couch when you want to watch seasons after seasons on your Netflix account or want to have a light conversation with family and friends. In the similar manner, a bed room with a throw of a lighter color is always a cozy welcome.

Using Throws on Couch, Bed etc.

Don’t we all like the idea of wrapping ourselves with a cup of coffee? Try different throws on your couch when you want to watch seasons after seasons on your Netflix account or want to have a light conversation with family and friends. In the similar manner, a bed room with a throw of a lighter color is always a cozy welcome.

Cushions on the Floor, Couch and Bed.

We are talking about one of the best ways to bring ease in your daily hours spent at home. We all like to be cozy at our homes after a long day at work. You don’t have to select a specific shape of cushions. There are several shapes and styles of cushions that you can introduce on your couches, beds or floors.

Candles everywhere…

There is large variety of candles available in the market. One may be able to buy a candle based upon the fragrance or its color. The usage of candles to reflect the light around the home is by far its top advantage. In a colder weather, lighting up a number of candles can allow you to gain that heat in the air.

In the similar manner,

There are many accessories and effortless ways to ensure that your home looks and feels cozier. Let us help you with it by contacting us at GoodBrother.

Learn from Your Painting Mistakes

By | Inspirations

Painting your home is a great way to feel refreshed and the process of renovation remains incomplete without it. However, in the process of repainting home, there are some of the common mistakes one is making. We are listing them down for you to be aware. We know it that repainting is a difficult process and requires one to be cautious to get that desired result once it’s done.

Preparation is the Key!

It is significant that the walls are properly washed before starting to paint. The easiest way is to ensure that walls are cleaned or washed using soapy water. It will take some time for the walls to dry, thus give it a night’s time to get dried completely.  It will help in ensuring that there are no webs on the walls. In addition, it is suggested that switches and door frames are closely wrapped with masking tapes to ensure that you don’t have to do the cleaning for paint stains later on.

Use Correct Brushes

It is important that you invest the same amount of time for selecting brushes as you do for the paint itself.

We have seen many cases where majority of investment of funds and time is made for selecting the brand of the paint but brushes are literally overlooked.

Hence, we suggest you give special consideration to the applicators because it can help in smooth application of paint on the walls.

Trials are not for clothes only!

We always try out clothes before buying because we want to be sure that we fit in them well. Thus, painting needs to be thought about in the same manner. It is always a good option to purchase a small package of paint and try it on a foam board. It will help you understand the appeal it can create at your home. Moreover, you must also know the dimensions of your room to save your money by not buying extra.

We know that selecting a right paint for your home renovation can be a difficult decision. Contact us at GoodBrother and let us help you make no mistakes 🙂

For the Love of Rugs

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Trust us when we share with you a super-secret behind adding vibrancy at your home by ensuring comfort level to a higher extent. Yes, we are sharing the need of bringing beautiful loving rugs to your home. We are aware that you will also fall in love with the idea of having rugs to add that extra touch to your house’s incredible interior design. We are going crazy about interior therapy for the love of rugs.

The fact that rugs have been given special consideration by top interior designers makes it evident that we need it to be a part of our house’s interior design. There are several advantages of including a rug in different rooms of your house. Here are some of the ideas for you to employ when it comes to including rugs in different rooms of your home.

The Cozy, The better!

Rugs can allow you to bring a brighter appeal to your home. We suggest you to invest a light-colored rug at your home. There are people who love to collect rugs from different parts of the world every time they travel. It is because of their love for rugs. Another reason behind collecting the rugs is that it allows you to pair different accessories of your home with the rug. It brings a perfect combination of colors allowing the room to look welcoming and cozier.

Add a Pattern by Layering the Rugs

You are living in the times where you have a lot of options when it comes to the design and pattern of rugs. In short, we are telling you that there is a great market out there for you to select from a variety of rugs. It is a good idea to place one rug over another allowing a frame-like appeal to the overall décor of your home.

Let us help you to improve your interior you will love it . Contact us at GoodBrother