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Waterfall kitchen island designs – a growing trend loved by many! Let us take you on a journey through a beautiful world of waterfall kitchen islands, inspire your own kitchen remodelling project, and empower you with information on everything you need to know on how to create a waterfall island from your dreams.

Whether you prefer quartz, marble, or granite, we’ll show you how a kitchen island waterfall edge can create a jaw-dropping look and be a single, serious game-changer in the appearance of your kitchen space regardless of the material used.

The waterfall kitchen island is a growing trend that slowly but surely starts to dominate kitchens, creating an elegant touch that elevates modern kitchen design to the next level.

Pros of Waterfall Kitchen Islands:

It's unique and beautiful!

Perfect as a centrepiece of any modern kitchen interior, a waterfall kitchen island is always a great decision. You simply cannot go wrong with it! All you need to do is to choose the stone you prefer, and the right design (colour, pattern, veining), and make sure with your fabricator that the flow is uninterrupted and sleek.

It's versatile!

Whether your kitchen is transitional or modern, a waterfall island will adorn its final look. Even farm kitchens can benefit from a waterfall island design but one made of butcher block. The wood pattern can look pretty stunning as well!

It's durable!

A waterfall kitchen island will protect base cabinets that are usually made from wood. When protected with a countertop made from quartz, granite, or marble, no utensils or chairs can scratch the surface of the cabinets. Maintenance of quartz is incredibly easy while maintaining marble and granite is a bit more demanding.

Cons of Waterfall Kitchen Islands:

Modern Elegance

They don’t work with traditional interiors. Wide kitchen islands are not suited for traditional, classic-style kitchens. If you insist on incorporating a wide kitchen island into your kitchen design theme, you’ll need to transition to a more modern decor.

High-End Waterfall Island

They cost more. Wide kitchen islands are more expensive than islands with stone only covering the top. You’ll spend more on the stone of your choice and you’ll need to find the perfect slab.

A comprehensive and wide range of stylish and luxurious quartz, granite, marble, and quartzite slabs is waiting for you to choose from at our showrooms. A variety of slabs perfect for many different kitchen island designs in both residential and commercial properties are already in stock and available at affordable prices.

Get the best stone options and choose what you love, combining their beauty with durability, low maintenance, and a lifetime warranty.

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