Remodeling Kitchen has never been so easier!!

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Gone are the days when we had to think so much about remodeling our kitchens. The present is here to help you remodel with convenience. One needs to know the possibilities of remodeling a kitchen without much of a hassle and all that mess. We are going to do that for you in this article. Please, continue reading

Step 1
Designing is the Key

There are great many services for interior designing available. However, the first step is to understand your expectations.

If you are not able to understand your needs and expectations from the remodeling of the kitchen then you will not be able to communicate it to the design consultant.

Thus, try scribbling on your own and think of the ways in which you will like to design your kitchen if you had to design it on your own.

Step 2
Measurements are Foundational

Usually, the step is undertaken by the company you have hired for the remodeling.

However, you should always keep a check on the measurements. If the measurements are taken in an effective manner then you don’t have to go through the hassle

Step 3
Creation is the Actual Work

The cutout of your countertops or backsplash is done using the measurements. Once it has been done in an effective manner then the actual work begins.

The colour or fabrication of the chosen product will take time and you can always cross check by visiting or getting an update from your consultant.

If you are able to talk to them then you don’t have to go through the mess of making adjustments later on.

Step 4
Installation is Completion

The installation day is the most important in the process of remodeling your kitchen. With the steps, mentioned above, undertaken rightly, you don’t have to be worried.

Just sit back and relax as the installation team will actually make your dream come true.

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Tiny Details about Kitchen Islands Will Help You Go a Long Way

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Kitchen Island

We all know that one of the best things we can do is to make our kitchens functional.

In that case, kitchen islands have proven to help one carry all the steps from storage, prep to washing the dishes. The design of a kitchen island is supposed to be finalized after thinking about the exact functions it should fulfil. Here are two of the basic ideas to help you plan your ideal kitchen design

Rule # 1
I want to map the dimensions well

You need to understand the basic rule of Kitchen Island i.e. keeping it at least 42 to 48 inches of space to be left for mobility.

We often forget the biggest aspect about Kitchen Island that it should not be too big. Sometimes, clients have a bigger kitchen and hence, they like to think about getting a kitchen island incorporated in the design.

We always suggest our clients that the kitchen island should not be too big.

It is more likely to impact the overall appeal of the kitchen making it look cramped.

Rule # 2
Did you just forget about the electricity?

The step where you have to prep before actual cooking is where the use of blenders and other food processing instruments comes to play. Kitchen island is where you need to undertake the step of prep and hence, you need proper outlets for your blenders.

It is suggested that a two-tier island is built because it will have plenty of options for the outlets to be incorporated within the designs.

Kitchen Island

To know more, please don’t hesitate to contact us as we can give you an effective consultation as you wish to plan your kitchen. Contact us at

Effortless Ways to Make your Home Look Cozy

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Don’t we all like the idea of wrapping ourselves with a cup of coffee?

Try different throws on your couch when you want to watch seasons after seasons on your Netflix account or want to have a light conversation with family and friends. In the similar manner, a bed room with a throw of a lighter color is always a cozy welcome.

Using Throws on Couch, Bed etc.

Don’t we all like the idea of wrapping ourselves with a cup of coffee? Try different throws on your couch when you want to watch seasons after seasons on your Netflix account or want to have a light conversation with family and friends. In the similar manner, a bed room with a throw of a lighter color is always a cozy welcome.

Cushions on the Floor, Couch and Bed.

We are talking about one of the best ways to bring ease in your daily hours spent at home. We all like to be cozy at our homes after a long day at work. You don’t have to select a specific shape of cushions. There are several shapes and styles of cushions that you can introduce on your couches, beds or floors.

Candles everywhere…

There is large variety of candles available in the market. One may be able to buy a candle based upon the fragrance or its color. The usage of candles to reflect the light around the home is by far its top advantage. In a colder weather, lighting up a number of candles can allow you to gain that heat in the air.

In the similar manner,

There are many accessories and effortless ways to ensure that your home looks and feels cozier. Let us help you with it by contacting us at GoodBrother.

Learn from Your Painting Mistakes

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Painting your home is a great way to feel refreshed and the process of renovation remains incomplete without it. However, in the process of repainting home, there are some of the common mistakes one is making. We are listing them down for you to be aware. We know it that repainting is a difficult process and requires one to be cautious to get that desired result once it’s done.

Preparation is the Key!

It is significant that the walls are properly washed before starting to paint. The easiest way is to ensure that walls are cleaned or washed using soapy water. It will take some time for the walls to dry, thus give it a night’s time to get dried completely.  It will help in ensuring that there are no webs on the walls. In addition, it is suggested that switches and door frames are closely wrapped with masking tapes to ensure that you don’t have to do the cleaning for paint stains later on.

Use Correct Brushes

It is important that you invest the same amount of time for selecting brushes as you do for the paint itself.

We have seen many cases where majority of investment of funds and time is made for selecting the brand of the paint but brushes are literally overlooked.

Hence, we suggest you give special consideration to the applicators because it can help in smooth application of paint on the walls.

Trials are not for clothes only!

We always try out clothes before buying because we want to be sure that we fit in them well. Thus, painting needs to be thought about in the same manner. It is always a good option to purchase a small package of paint and try it on a foam board. It will help you understand the appeal it can create at your home. Moreover, you must also know the dimensions of your room to save your money by not buying extra.

We know that selecting a right paint for your home renovation can be a difficult decision. Contact us at GoodBrother and let us help you make no mistakes 🙂

For the Love of Rugs

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Trust us when we share with you a super-secret behind adding vibrancy at your home by ensuring comfort level to a higher extent. Yes, we are sharing the need of bringing beautiful loving rugs to your home. We are aware that you will also fall in love with the idea of having rugs to add that extra touch to your house’s incredible interior design. We are going crazy about interior therapy for the love of rugs.

The fact that rugs have been given special consideration by top interior designers makes it evident that we need it to be a part of our house’s interior design. There are several advantages of including a rug in different rooms of your house. Here are some of the ideas for you to employ when it comes to including rugs in different rooms of your home.

The Cozy, The better!

Rugs can allow you to bring a brighter appeal to your home. We suggest you to invest a light-colored rug at your home. There are people who love to collect rugs from different parts of the world every time they travel. It is because of their love for rugs. Another reason behind collecting the rugs is that it allows you to pair different accessories of your home with the rug. It brings a perfect combination of colors allowing the room to look welcoming and cozier.

Add a Pattern by Layering the Rugs

You are living in the times where you have a lot of options when it comes to the design and pattern of rugs. In short, we are telling you that there is a great market out there for you to select from a variety of rugs. It is a good idea to place one rug over another allowing a frame-like appeal to the overall décor of your home.

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Turn Rented House Bathroom Into Your Signature Space

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A rented house needs to have your style into it but you are limited to make fewer changes only. After all, a rented house is not your final destination. There comes a time when you have to buy your very own apartment or may be mansion for which you are working hard and earning tirelessly. In the meantime, you have all the right to feel cozy and at home so that you are unstoppable and motivated.

Today, we are talking about budget ways in which you can turn a rented house’s bathroom into your signature space. We recommend you that you pick at least the following tips that we are sharing with you to help you get inspired for your other moves.

Start with the Basic

We all know that anyone’s personality style will reflect from every corner of a home. However, it is obvious that bathroom shows the intensity of one’s upkeep and personal choices when it comes to self-grooming. In addition, bathroom is where we spend some time to undertake our launch pad scheme when we wake up first thing in the morning.

Thus, you must bring your signature style in the bathroom by hanging a piece of art, bringing your favorite perfumes and beauty products on the sink, put your favorite indoor plant (may be a cactus or a Lilly bum flower).

You may also want to purchase a basket and keep all smaller sized bottles into it allowing an interior therapy. Shower curtain is another way to let others know that it is your territory and you tend to spend your time reading in and replying to text messages as well. You name it, there are ways to make your rented house speak that it must be your own.

We talk budget with those who are aspiring leaders of tomorrow. You may be a student or a full-time manager with a rented property.  Let us help you implement inexpensive ways to turn your rented homes into a home you aspire. Contact us at GoodBrother

An Art Lover’s Guide to Home Interior

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Art can create a beautiful definition of your sense of style when it comes to your home interior. We know it that there are all sorts of art lovers who may like a singular statement piece or select a gallery collection to either create a fantastic wall or a specular art collection space within their homes.

However, the basis of selecting and decorating art at home depends on selecting the right piece. Here is why we are guiding you towards your action of picking your favorite art piece. Allow us to jot down some of the most important pointers when it comes to designing and setting up a unique interior of your home.

Layering an abstract with a vintage portrait

It is one way to look at the beauty of art collection and placing it with layers. We suggest you buy prints and abstract painting or drawing. You can bring them in amalgamation or combination by carefully selecting an original yet antique painting. It brings two things together i.e. your love for original work and the vivid art that captures our attention.

Therefore, it will create a way for your guests to gain perspective about your own personality.

Trust your Style

When it comes to redecorating or undergoing an interior therapy, there are no hard and fast rules unless you have a keen confidence about your choices. Art piece and art lover brings a connection to life.

It is sure that someone will pick a piece of art that will remind them the moment when they were able to relate with someone’s artistry. Therefore, never select a piece of artwork based on someone else’s choice and preference. Rather, be your own guide and invest in a piece that defines you and helps you create a relationship.

And believe us when we say that we are in love with those who love art and dare to collect them. Let us help you gain perspective on how you can frame your collection of artwork by contacting us at GoodBrother

Beautiful and Affordable House

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In a world where we are filled with inspirational channels and mediums. We get to see beautiful houses over the internet. We save all those images and create a bucket list for our next house renovation or our hunt for buying a new house. Let us just face a tough truth i.e. all such inspirations look expensive to follow. What if we tell you that a beautiful house is affordable at the same time. Isn’t it a dreamy combination? Here are some of the inexpensive ideas that will be in your budget and will have an ever-lasting interior therapy.

Paint the Wall with Stencils

Many varieties when it comes to wallpapers. However, they are expensive and can require professional assistance when it comes to application or installation. Therefore, we suggest use stencils to create great designs on your bedroom or living room walls.

Inexpensive Frames

Give your home a feel of your own personality. It can be done by framing all the photos that remind you of your great memories. There are frames that you can buy online or at an antique store.

Reflect it with a Mirror

Bring yourself tons of mirrors and hang them in different corners of your home. Mirrors allow you to gain that extra perspective of making your home look bigger.

Different mirrors together at a wall can also help you include a stylish yet artistic appeal to your interior designing.

There many other inexpensive ways through which you can bring affordable pieces in your home and make it look beautiful. Make your dream combination of beautiful and affordable with the help of GoodBrother by contacting us at 091-766637

Is Terracotta Tile Flooring Rustic?

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We are talking about all that chatter that took place last year about the terracotta tile flooring. It was merely because it gave a great signature rustic look to some of the famous celebrity homes from Ellen DeGeneres to Leonardo Di Caprio.

We are asked the same question whether terracotta flooring is rustic?

Trust us when we say that it is asked about many times. The reason why some cannot decide it to be a rustic style is because of its implication within designs.

For instance, there is a common view that terracotta tile flooring is best for kitchen but questionable when it comes to bedrooms. Let us look at some of the inspirational ideas where terracotta tile flooring has been utilized in different spaces of a home and has touched hearts of the home owners for its rustic characteristic.

Terracotta tile floor in bathrooms

Terracotta tile flooring is a beautiful way to make your bathroom gain a rustic touch for its one of the oldest material present in the list of home construction. It dries up quickly which gives a weathered look which is an obvious trait of rustic homes.

Terracotta tile floor in bedrooms

Many people believe that terracotta tiles are best for kitchens or home exteriors. However, if you bring it to your bedroom, you can get a finished look while maintaining a rustic style. It is obvious that there are many qualities of terracotta tiles available in the market. One can ensure that it is used with gloss when it comes to bedrooms to gain a beautiful finish to your rooms.

Terracotta tile floor in living room and other spaces

We are telling you that terracotta tiles are timeless which makes it a perfect material to be considered for your living rooms. It is obvious that living rooms are there for you to feel cozy. It is that space of the house where you get to spend a lot of time to think and perform tasks. Therefore, terracotta tile flooring fits as a best material for it.

We can help you know more about the quality of terracotta tiles available in the market. Contact us at GoodBrother.

Lighting fixtures can be a conversation starter

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Lighting fixtures can create a perfect finish to your overall kitchen layout and design but its selection can be complicated. We don’t mean to scare you by telling you that it’s one of the complicated decisions you will make while designing your kitchen.

We rather share with you that there can be endless options to select from. You need to be very wise to include fixtures which are reflective of your design and style. It has to blend in the balance of different elements of your kitchen.

Say ‘Hello’ to Chandeliers

The chandeliers give a very rich look to your kitchen. In some ways, chandeliers can cover the overall pressure of lighting needed in the kitchen.

Just imagine a chandelier which can throw bright rays on your oven you bought for a hefty amount. It means you cannot do it without chandeliers.

Welcome them in the kitchen by switching on the Wall Lights

Trust us when we say that light can create an illusion of a big room if its scattered in a strategic manner throughout your kitchen walls. There are many options to select from when it comes to wall lights.

A high-mounted wall light can further create a balance with your chandelier.

Go creative with Track Lights

Also known as spot lights, allow your beautiful accessories in the kitchen to get the attention by throwing light through track lighting fixtures. There are many options from iron to stainless steel that can be bought. The balance should not be forgotten if you already have a wall lighting fixture and a chandelier.

Sometimes, a lighting fixture can inspire you to re-design the whole kitchen 🙂

Talk to us at GoodBrother and discuss more ways to create illusions using variety of lighting fixtures.