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If you were still in doubt, it appears that the heat has arrived to convince us that winter and the mid-season are behind us. It is now time to pack away all of your winter outerwear and transition your wardrobe into summer mode.

Although some places may still have chilly evenings, it is time to give your closet a thorough overhaul and get everything organized and in order for the new season. Removing bikinis and summer clothing, and replacing them with transitional and winter garments, typically produces a sense of order and cleanliness, following the best advice from professional organizers and various organization methods. However, in addition to simply removing what is not being used, folding clothing vertically, and organizing everything to the millimetre, there are other important details that will elevate the process of changing your wardrobe from satisfactory to sublime.

Here are some tips to help you prepare for the new season:

Prepare Your Clothes

Wash your garments according to their specific needs, including swimsuits, beach towels, and other clothing items. Set aside any garments that require dry cleaning, and take them to the cleaners in one go. While it may seem obvious, it is important to ensure that your clothing is clean and fresh to prevent unwanted stains from appearing when you take them out of storage for the following season.

Add something to your clothing to give it a pleasant scent, such as sachets of aromatic herbs, essence hangers, or a perfume pearl in the laundry. This will create a delightful sensory experience when you open your closet.

Empty The Entire Closet

This will make it easier to reorganize and fill it. Take advantage of the empty space to conduct a thorough cleaning of drawers, shoe cabinets, attics, and other storage spaces. Go through all of your clothing items, and decide which ones you want to keep, both for storage and for immediate use in your closet. Keep only the items that you truly want to keep, and avoid holding onto things “just in case,” as this will only lead to accumulating unnecessary clothing that is unlikely to be worn.

Clean and store the clothes you have decided to keep in boxes, without worrying about ironing them. When you take them out next season, they will be ready to wear after a quick refresh. The clothes that you plan to wear immediately will need to be washed, ironed, and hung properly in your closet.

Invest In Hangers and Closet Organisers

Having a solid foundation is essential for a successful wardrobe change. Rethink your closet’s layout and storage needs, and add or adjust shelves as necessary. This is also the perfect time to invest in high-quality hangers that are all the same type. You will be surprised how much more visually appealing your perfectly aligned clothes will look.

Organize your accessories, shoes, and bags with practical organizers to complete the process, and voilà, your wardrobe change is complete, and you can begin the new season feeling confident and organized. The key is to have order and to be selective about the clothes that you decide to keep.

Fill Your Closet In Stages

Start with what goes on hangers and then move on to filling the drawers. There may be items that require ironing, so set them aside in a pile for now. Finally, when placing the new garments in the closet, try to organize them by colour, or at least in coordinated outfits. It has been proven that chromatic harmony has a relaxing effect that will engulf you as soon as you open your closet doors.

Some organizers suggest preparing your outfits in advance or grouping certain pieces that you always wear together, such as trousers with a particular shirt. By breaking the “one hanger-one garment” rule, you’ll find it much easier to decide what to wear each morning.

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