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Home improvements don’t always have to be expensive. Simple and effective methods can go a long way to improve the features of your house and at the same time no be very heavy on the pocket. We will be sharing some cheap weekend projects that can improve the value of your house.

During deciding what you want to pursue , there are a lot of factors that you have to be chose , mainly being time and money. You definitely don’t want to spend all of your savings in revamping the house, and worse still you don’t want to start a project and realise it take a fortune to complete!

Start on the Outside

It’s a great idea to start DIYing on the outside of your house, before you look at the interiors. There is nothing like a great kerb appeal. The first thing a visitor sees is the exterior and sense how well you home is maintained. If the outside isn’t appealing potential buyers will not even consider coming inside to even bother to book a viewing.

Don’t miss the flooring

Flooring plays a huge impact on the feel of the house. Real wood is in vogue now and gives a clean minimalistic look. Remove the carpet and lay some wood. Wooden flooring works well to give a traditional style. If you want to go for a rustic look ,Terracotta tiles are the way to go.

Be careful what you display

What you display makes a huge difference, and speaks a lot about your personality. Use rustic flowerpots , sea shells and small inexpensive objects to add to the personality of your house. It does not have to be anything very fancy , just something that has character to it.

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