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In Short, the answer is YES!

Somewhere back in the mid 20th century (1940’s) there was a theory developed by the University of Illinois School of Architecture and it was called The Kitchen Work Triangle

The goal for this was to create the best possible work area in regards to layout for a room that was used to prepare and cook meals in our everyday homes.

Important Kitchen Areas

The main important areas in most kitchens are as follows, the refrigeration/storage area, the prep area, the cooking area followed by the cleaning area. If they are not placed relatively close to each other and laid out in the correct order you may spend more time walking that cooking 🙂 Not true, but you get the point we are trying to make here.

It makes sense to have these areas in order of meal preparation. Food comes out of the fridge/storage and is placed at the prep area where we prepare for the cooking, once our food is prepped we begin cooking, following this, the tableware that was being used for the prep now needs to be washed and put away as it is no longer needed.

The layout of your kitchen should reflect this process in order to make things easier and more convenient in the kitchen.

Now in the 21st century (2019) kitchens have become more modernized in a sense that we have more tools and appliances, our kitchens have now become a lot bigger because it is no longer just a place to cook, which means the layout of our kitchens have now changed! This new method of layout is now called kitchen zoning or kitchen zones

What are Kitchen Zones?

Zones are separate areas of the kitchen within the layout, each intended for different tasks and activities, ie – preparing, cooking and cleaning up. Depending on how much space you have to work with and personal preferences you might like to set up further zones to accommodate how you like to use your kitchen, but in a general sense, if you follow the kitchen zoning method it will make the layout of your kitchen a lot more accessible when having to prepare meals. See the image on the left to illustrate!

Kitchens have developed into a room where family and friends gather round and help out while the food is being prepared and cooked. We share stories with each other and spend quality time with each other after a long day at work.

The kitchen is now an enjoyable place to spend time in 🙂

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