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Cooking can truly be a great activity for relaxation. The basic concept goes, when you do a mundane task the front of your brain concentrates on the task, and the back of our brain opens up to get lost in thought, just how a long drive calms your mind and gives you space to think.

Whether your preparing your family’s favorite meal or you are going for a healthy diet meal, cooking is always something you can look forward to

Block out a time

Cooking can help to relieve stress, improve creativity and build stronger relationships. Make cooking a priority, to successfully relax, make sure you set aside blocks of time that are specifically intended for cooking.

Doing this will let you focus all your time and energy on the task at hand and enhance the cooking process. The best part is, all this can be done with a family member a friend or someone special, cooking is great for relationship building and spending quality time with someone. It helps build communication, connection and cooperation.

Clear your mind

Do not dwell on your problems while your cooking food, if you do you will never be able to enjoy it. Whilst entering the kitchen, ensure you leave all your worries and troubles behind.

Cooking is enjoyable when you enjoy the moment and you need to be completely focused at the task in hand, be it slicing those peppers or rolling a dough. Some people find the act of slicing vey relaxing whereas other find the grilling and on the stove action very relaxing. Try to find what you enjoy doing in the kitchen and your mood will improve in no time.

To enjoy cooking to the fullest extent, you need to have the appropriate kitchen.

A good kitchen makes a big difference. A kitchen that is contemporary designed and has a clean-cut look will help create a stimulating environment and help enhance your mood just like a piece of art does. You can feel the difference when your cooking in an unplanned kitchen and a kitchen designed for efficiency.

Don't be afraid to be creative

Creativity helps reduce stress and there is no better space to be creative on a daily basis than in your kitchen. Its good to look for new recipes, but you don’t have to strictly follow them.

Over time your taste buds will guide you to the sweet spot. Get creative with your flavors and textures. When you are fully immersed and creative in your meal, cooking will truly turn into a passion

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