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Lighting fixtures can create a perfect finish to your overall kitchen layout and design but its selection can be complicated. We don’t mean to scare you by telling you that it’s one of the complicated decisions you will make while designing your kitchen.

We rather share with you that there can be endless options to select from. You need to be very wise to include fixtures which are reflective of your design and style. It has to blend in the balance of different elements of your kitchen.

Say ‘Hello’ to Chandeliers

The chandeliers give a very rich look to your kitchen. In some ways, chandeliers can cover the overall pressure of lighting needed in the kitchen.

Just imagine a chandelier which can throw bright rays on your oven you bought for a hefty amount. It means you cannot do it without chandeliers.

Welcome them in the kitchen by switching on the Wall Lights

Trust us when we say that light can create an illusion of a big room if its scattered in a strategic manner throughout your kitchen walls. There are many options to select from when it comes to wall lights.

A high-mounted wall light can further create a balance with your chandelier.

Go creative with Track Lights

Also known as spot lights, allow your beautiful accessories in the kitchen to get the attention by throwing light through track lighting fixtures. There are many options from iron to stainless steel that can be bought. The balance should not be forgotten if you already have a wall lighting fixture and a chandelier.

Sometimes, a lighting fixture can inspire you to re-design the whole kitchen 🙂

Talk to us at GoodBrother and discuss more ways to create illusions using variety of lighting fixtures.

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