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There are 100’s of thousands of kitchens right across the country that are still in their old dated design of the late 80’s or early 90’s. This does ad some character to the house, but if you’re anything like me you will be sick of the sink in that place, or the fact that the doors bang when you push them that bit too hard or that drawer is always too sticky. I need to go to one side to get the bread and back to the other side to have a decent space to make my sandwich, it’s just all wrong!

A little rug can brighten up your day

It may not seem like a massive change to make, but you will be surprised at just how different your kitchen will look when you change the appearance of the floor using a simple centre rug. A little rearrangement along with a bright new source of colour on the floor will go down surprisingly well if you’re trying to shake off monotony.

Restyle your shelves to make everything better

This is a huge hack. Basically, to get your kitchen to look uber chic, avant garde and post-modernist, or whatever they describe that sexy spaceship look as, all you have to do is make your shelves see-through. You can do this by replacing the shelf doors with clear glass or plastic panels, or you can go one better and simply remove the doors altogether. Radicalissimo!

Lighting makes you happier

It’s an obvious tip, but still the most important in any sort of home improvement. If you’re into the avant garde spaceship thing, you can remodel your curtains to let in more natural light and emphasize the whites and bright silvers. If you’re more of an indoors person, you can experiment with different types of coloured lighting and dimmer switches to achieve a more sensual effect.

A new paint job is more than just a dash of colour

In fact, when carried out alongside a change of lighting, a fresh paint job can completely alter the look of a kitchen, making it totally unrecognisable. Feel free to let your personality shine through as you choose the colour mix that will define your new-but-not-really kitchen.

Add some colour to your cabinets

This could be one of the cheapest ways to drastically alter your kitchen’s appearance. All it takes is a fresh plastic finish over your cabinets in the colour of your choice, and your kitchen can overnight turn into anything you want it to be, from the warm brown reminiscent of a family house to a bright red evoking the image of a bachelor pad.

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