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If you’re thinking about buying a kitchen whether it’s next week, next month or next year, it’s really important that you understand how things work.

We have found that many people think that because a company has a fantastic and expensive showroom display that somehow they have a better more luxurious range of kitchens. Well in fact nothing could be further from the truth!

The vast majority of kitchen supply companies have access and stock to the same suppliers. In fact, the suppliers may only be 3-4 in most cases. These 3-4 suppliers provide accounts only with the trade and provide, for the most part, a really fantastic product at a very affordable price. The job of the main suppliers is to ensure that they have their finger on the pulse when it comes to trends, finishes and colours.

Each kitchen supply company has access to all of these doors from both the most modern to the most traditional and everything else between.

Typically, the bigger and more expensive the showroom of a kitchen supplier is, would mean that their cost are significantly higher than a smaller more efficiently ran business and therefore must command higher prices to pay for their overheads! Makes sense right?

The thing to remember is that the majority of kitchen supply companies can all offer the same door types, colours and variations and are all buying at the same price!

What makes any company different then?

Well at Good Brother we believe that Good customer service, Good pricing & Good quality are all things that should be expected and not our USP. We know we can provide a professional service to beat all others as well as competitive prices on a range of every kitchen type imaginable, so we go “One Gooder”!

We will match any price you have gotten from any other company and possibly do a little better, all while putting you in for the competition.

If you would like anymore info please give us a call or call to our brand new showroom based in Briarhill, Galway.

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